A Very Brief History

The Village Turners

This is a very brief history of the Club gleaned from various members.

The Club was started by two or three enthusiastic turners wishing to share their woodturning knowledge and have somewhere to put this knowledge into practice.

The Club was started in 1988 or 1989 (someone's memory isn't as good as it was once) and initially met in the village of Kingscliffe (hence the Club's name) in one of the enthusiast’s garage.

The Club moved to Burghley Road in Peterborough in 1991 and stayed there for 3 months before moving on to Robin Buckley's garage in Garton End Road. At this time there were about 12 members (memory again).

When Robin's job required him to move on, the Club had to move on as well, and eventually found a new home at Sacrewell Farm, firstly in the old barn, then in the building next to the chickens, and finally in the old dairy at Sacrewell Lodge Farm – an idyllic rural setting you might say.


When Sacrewell Lodge Farm was sold, the Club moved to Railworld Wildlife Haven in August 2010 and has been there up to the present time.

Membership currently stands at around 44.