Trulli boxes

A Trulli Nice Box in Sycamore



Colin Parr - January 2015

A Trulli Round house.


From Left to right we have:

Sycamore – Burr Elm – Elm – Bog Oak


  1. Turn the blank down to round and square off the ends.  
  2. Tools required a roughing gouge or bowl gouge and skew chisel


  1. Square ends and cut a dovetail spigot on either end then part into the top and bottom
  2. Tools required parting tool and skew chisel


This picture shows the lid almost finished. Before it was taken to a point the inside was finished.


This picture shows the bottom being shaped and hollowed out.


  1. Place lid in chuck and cut the tenon using a skew chisel. If you look carefully you will see that the tenon is not flat. Measure 50mm to lip of tenon and add 5mm for the tenon. The diameter of the tenon should be around 40mm or less. It will depend on the amount of curve you have on the base. Finish the hollowing of the inside of the top before you finish the outside sand as you go and polish the inside. Then turn the outside as close to a point as you can then part off.
  2. Tools required are 3/8 or 1/2inch spindle gouge and a one inch skew chisel.
  3. Use a vernier or callipers to measure the tenon and then carefully hollow out the base to create a jam fit. This is important in order to fit the lid back on to finish it. Rough shape the outside of the base; this can be finished when you fit the lid. Check the depth remember the bottom curves in and then back out. The lid should not be too tight.
  4. Tools required spindle gouge bowl gouge
  5. Finally fit the lid making sure it is not too tight and sand to a finish and it should look something like this


When you use a plain timber like sycamore or beech then you have the option to stain or colour.


Please remember to work safely