Stanley Knowles

Stan Knowles has spent a lifetime

with wood and his knowledge of the subject is considerable. We are very fortunate that Stan is willing to share his knowledge and experiences with other people for their benefit.

Stan has been an active member of the Club since 2003, and is well known for his skill in making open segmented vessels of all shapes and sizes, and using many different woods.

Stan has written a number of articles for the Club - some, for people just starting out in woodturning, can be found elsewhere on this website, others of more general interest are presented here.

My Early Years
The Giant Sequoia Trees in California USA
The Coastal Redwoods in California USA
The Logging Camps in California USA
The Eucalyptus Tree in Australia and Tasmania
The Yew Tree
The Kauri Tree
Tips on Segmented Turning
Segmented Turning - The works
Reflections on open segment methods