Simple Segmented Bowl

How to make a simple segmented bowl

by Martin Wright.


Step one:

Using a bowl blank of light coloured wood, such as Ash or sycamore. The blank needs to be at least 6” x 2”. 
The blank size should be a finished round with a mounting chuck point either external or internal on the base whichever is your preference.



Step two:

Remove a solid ring approximately 1” from the edge and 1” thick.
Ensure the ring is cut flat, this is important as the segments need to be clued into the recess created.



Step three:

Cut 12 segments to fit. The example below shows six segments.
For the blank size and recess stated you will need to make the segments as follows.

27mm thick, 35mm segmented edge length, 13deg mitre angle. 5mm spacing between segments.




Step 4:

The segments are glued on the centre line of your indexing system.
If you don’t have an indexing system, divide the blank up evenly twelve times. Ie: vertical, 90⁰, 45⁰, 30⁰ & 60⁰.

Keeping an even spacing is important. I recommend CA clue for joining the segments.


Step 5:

Glue the ring you removed earlier back onto the segments. At this point it is a good idea to sand the top of the
segments and the ring flat using a sanding disc mounted to the lathe or if you have a disc sander use this.
Use plenty of CA glue to join the ring to the top of the segments.



Step 6:

Once the ring is dry and it’s a good idea to leave it for 24hrs even though CA glue is fairly instant it will continue to cure for 24hrs.

Now turn your bowl. The bottom of the bowl can be shaped afterwards using button (Cole) jaws.




To view the cutting summary for the 6" segented bowl click here.