Recent events

November 18th 2017. Christmas Tree Ornament competition. A most enjoyable competition and turners obviously had fun producing their ornaments.

  Advanced Intermediate Beginners
Malcolm Tracy Judy
Geoff Paul Alan
Colin Tony  

Thank you for the pictures again Dave, and well done to all who took part.

October 25th 2017. Colin's Hollow Form course. This was a course I ran last Wednesday on two part hollow forms.
Five people turned up for what was a tough but enjoyable day. It took the turners out of their comfort zone attempting a hollow form and getting it done in a day.

As you can see from the pictures they rose to the challenge. Part two of the course will look at ways of decorating the hollow forms. Colin.


October 7th 2017. Pen and Pencase competition. An interesting and more demanding competition to turn and pen and a case to put it in.
Not too many entries for this one, but enough people took up the challenge to make it worthwhile.

The results are as follows, the first row shows the case assembled with the pen inside, and the second row shows an exploded case with pen.

  Advanced Intermediate Beginners
Closed cases
Open cases & pens
1st Peter B - 845 Carol B - 852 Judy S - 841
2nd 2nd =  Nick T - 850 Paul M - 849  
3rd 2nd =  Brian B - 844 Carol B - 851  

Click on the pictures to enlarge them and identify the winning numbers.

Thanks again to Dave for the pictures.

August 19th 2017. Platter competition. It would appear that people were back from their holidays as there was a very good attendance for this meeting.
There was also a very good number of entries in all the classes - 30 in all. This must be a record.

Here are the results:

  Advanced Intermediate Beginners
All entries
1st Peter B Peter A David H
2nd Malcolm P Tony P Judy S
3rd Dave H Tracy G Robert M

Well done everyone, and thanks to Dave for the pictures.


July 29th 2017. In-house demonstration.

Today, Colin P gave us an interesting demonstration on turning a bowl.

There were a number of aspects to this, shape was important as it provided an opportunity of showing how to create thin walls for the outer limits, and for showing that one could be imaginative with the inside of the bowl.

Colin at work.

July 1st 2017. Gavel and Block competition. More good work being done by members, more entries in this competition as well.

  Advanced Intermediate Beginners
All entries


Dave H. 410   1st= Carol B.     422   1st Judy S.   414   1st
Geoff R. 417   1st= Tracey G.  416   2nd Colin F.    411   2nd
Nick T.   418   3rd= Graham B.  413  3rd= Colin F.    412   3rd
Colin P.  405   3rd= Mervyn H.   421  3rd=  

 Well done to all who took part, and thanks to Dave H for the results and pictures.

May 20th 2017. Vase competition. A competition with a good number of pieces, where shape is everything,

  Advanced Intermediate Beginners
All entries
1st Norman S. 395 1st= Carol B. 398 Judy S.     370
2nd Colin P.      391 1st= Tracy G. 389 Peter A.     366
3rd Norman S. 394 3rd= Chas Y.  393 Graham M 390
  Graham H. 402 3rd=    

Well done to all who took part.


April 15th 2017. Pestle and Mortar competition. A very good turnout for this competition with some fine pieces.

Results as follows:

  Advanced Intermediate Beginners
All entries
1st Graham H - 833 Tracy G - 820 Dave H - 829
2nd Peter B - 824 Peter At - 826 = Peter Al - 837
    Gordon G - 830 =  
3rd Colin P - 821   Graham M - 822 =
      Judy S - 827 =
      Rob M - 838 =
      Unknown - 836 =

Thanks to all who took part and to Dave (the photo) H for the pictures. Please, Unknown - let us know who you are!

February 18th 2017. Natural Edge Competition. Another good turnout with some interesting pieces. Results as follows:

  Advanced Intermediate Beginners
All entries
1st Peter B Gordon G Graham M
2nd Colin P Tracy G Peter A
3rd = Nick T Russ H (right) Judy S (right)
3rd = - Gordon G (left) Peter A (left)


December 17th 2016. AGM and Raffle. Always a good turnout for the AGM, this year was no exception, and after the usual end-of -year business the raffle was drawn. Below you will see most of the raffle prizes - a fine display.

 Also at the AGM, prizes were awarded to people who came first overall in their respective groups

Advanced Intermediate Beginners
Colin P Tracy G Carol B

 Well done! A great start to Christmas.

December 3rd 2016. Festive ornament competition. A really good turn-out for this competition from Club members, presenting quality pieces. Results as follows:

  Advanced Intermediate Beginners
All entries
  1st = Colin P, Colin P 1st Geoff R 1st Russ H

What can be achieved in 2017?