DEFINITION:- A muffineer is a shaker with a perforated top which is used to shake out powders like sugar, salt, and talc in a controlled way. The word "muffineer'' started to be used in the early 1800's to describe a shaker used to hold powdered sugar which could be spread on muffins, scones, and other breakfast foods.

I made my first muffineer by scaling up a photo in a book about Treen, having found the width was about 2 l/2” from an example in Peterborough Museum. So I expect most who decide to "have a go" in making this, will do the same; as well as work out how to chuck each of the three parts which it is made up of.

I would suggest that the decorative pattern of holes in the top are drilled before boring the inside. This will mainly prevent “wispy” bits of shavings around the holes (and avoiding you having to tidy them up)

I have yet to make a threaded muffineer (as in the Museum), mine being of the "push fit" variety - which will work I found i.e. The top will not fall off while you are sprinkling sugar on your porridge.

There are a lot of variations on the illustration; why not copy a "silver" one? There are plenty of examples to be seen on line.