Further Resources

Exotic Wood

A non-commercial site focusing on color-correct pictures of exotic woods.

The Wood Database

Identification, information and articles on all varieties of wood worldwide.

Woodworkers Institute

Online home of woodworking magazines from the Guild of Master Craftsman Publications.

Segmented Woodturners

Segmented Turning Calculator with Full Scale Printable Templates

A chapter of the Association of American Woodturners (AAW) that specializes in segmented work.

A Guide to Woodturning

alansfactoryoutlet may seem an unlikely resource, but this site provides a comprehensive guide to woodturning. Visit it to find answers to any questions or problems that you may have about turning.

Cousins UK

A wealth of Clock Parts, and many other useful items and ideas for craft projects.

Jobs around the House

While this site is not primarily about wood turning, it does offer a number of other projects you might consider when time allows.

Home Woodworking Projects

This is a very good 'learning' site that offers many 'how-to's and tips. I found the tips on running a band-saw to get the best from it very useful, and would suggest it is required reading.

The projects are straightforward and are aimed at everyone with basic woodworking skills, from school pupils upwards.

Projects are based around the home, and include woodworking projects, ie not just turning projects.


If you are wanting a workshop or somewhere to store all your turnings, this is the place to come. They do garden buildings of every conceivable shape and size, garden furniture and BBQs.

Try them if you want a workshop, quiet place, man cave, or shed.

This link will take you to their information on rattan and wicker.

Angie's List - Woodturning home

Angie's List is a website with many areas dedicated to everyday subjects that impact on people's lives.

The woodturning section contains links to a vast array of sites concerned with woodturning - everything from buying blanks and other wood to machinery, finishes and knowhow. Safety is an important issue with further links on how to work safely and dress accordingly. The site has many woodturning projects and covers 'The Science of Wood and Woodturning' with lots of wood identification guides.

Basement Guides

This link comes courtesy of Teens4Safety and is a comprehensive guide to being safe in the workshop, or at home in your basement or garage. Well worth reading and taking on board.

Essential reading for those of all ages who are just starting out.