Further Resources

Exotic Wood

A non-commercial site focusing on color-correct pictures of exotic woods.

The Wood Database

Identification, information and articles on all varieties of wood worldwide.

Woodturning Online

A comprehensive web site dedicated to providing information and resources to wood turners worldwide.

Woodworkers Institute

Online home of woodworking magazines from the Guild of Master Craftsman Publications.

Segmented Woodturners

A chapter of the Association of American Woodturners (AAW) that specializes in segmented work.

A Guide to Woodturning

alansfactoryoutlet may seem an unlikely resource, but this site provides a comprehensive guide to woodturning. Visit it to find answers to any questions or problems that you may have about turning.

Cousins UK

A wealth of Clock Parts, and many other useful items and ideas for craft projects.

Jobs around the House

While this site is not primarily about wood turning, it does offer a number of other projects you might consider when time allows.