Finding the Club

Meetings are held at Unit 10, Railworld Wildlife Haven, Oundle Road, Peterborough, PE2 9NR.

Please park in the Railworld car park, which is free to club members, and get directions to the Club at the gate.

The Club is situated within the Railworld Wildlife Haven campus, and entry is through the large metal gates. If RWH is open then the gates will be open and you can make your way to the far end of the enclosure to find The Village Turners. However, if RWH is not open you may have more trouble getting in, but ...

... there should be a notice at the gate with a telephone number for the Club. If you find the number and the phone is on and charged, someone will come and let you in if you ring.

Otherwise, meetings start at 9.00am, so if you can get there by that time the chances are you will meet someone to help you in. Let them know who you are and so on.

Directions to car park ...

There are 2 ways to get to the car park from Oundle Road (A605): via Cubitt Way or via the Pleasure Fair car park.

Cubitt Way is the better entrance, especially when approaching from the west. Go through the barrier at the end of the road, follow the track across the open ground and turn left into the RWH car park after passing the end of the railway track.

Sometimes the barrier will be down, e.g. when POSH are playing at home, and you will need to use the Pleasure Fair car park entrance. Once in the car park, go straight ahead to the end and turn left through the first arch under the railway. Then turn sharp right and follow the road to the RWH car park.

For 2 weeks each year the Pleasure Fair car park is closed for the fairground but the Cubitt way entrance will be open.