Egg and Eggcup

Archive stuff again! © Mike Wickham 1999

Tools Used:-

¼" Spindle gouge
½" Oval Skew
½" Gary Rance chisel
½" Round Scraper
1/8th Parting Tool

Timber Pieces

2 x 50 mm x 50mm x 88 mm


Rough out to within 1/8" of final diameter. Mark out length and part down to about ½" - ¾". Shape the 'blunt' end. Shape the other end, leaving enough thickness to sand and finish before parting off with an oval or skew chisel. Finished size 60mm x 51 mm.

Egg Cup

Rough out as before and square off end. Hollow out cavity to 'push fit' the blunt end of the egg. Jam fit the egg and finish. After removing finished egg, complete hollowing and shape the cup. Sand and finish

Make a jam chuck, and reverse fit the egg cup on to it to allow you to finish off the base.