Some of those little things you do can come as a real surprise to those of us who haven’t thought of it or been shown how to do it. You probably share some ideas at meetings with one or two people but why not share these little gems with all of the membership.

Keeping an Edge

When your chisel edge gets dull, you don’t always need to regrind it as you will severely shorten the life of the chisel, not to mention its length! A light retouch on the grind stone or with a diamond hone may be enough to restore the edge.

Keeping it Clean

To save getting finishes on the lathe bed, lay a piece of ply across the bars. Screw and countersink down through the ply into a bit of scrap just wide enough to fit snugly between the bars so that the ply can slide along, but not off, the bars.


If turning a goblet from a stick (or branch), mount the pith off centre as otherwise it won’t be strong enough.

Hot Tip!

Straight from John Johnson:

“If you can smell pork cooking when you are sanding, it’s probably your fingers burning!

Try moving your sandpaper.