Apples and Pears

A P P L E S   A N D   P E A R S

Select a piece of wood by how you think it will show off knots, colours etc in the finished article. Study the shape of apples/pears and endeavour to replicate when you turn same.

For an apple use a piece approx 2 3/4” cube. Turn down between centres and make spigot at tailstock end and fit securely in your 4-jaw chuck. Turn top half of apple, after drilling a hole for the stalk with a drill in a Jacobs chuck mounted in the tailstock. Sand, seal and finish.

Reverse on to a woodscrew chuck using a piece of plain paper between the finished wood and the chuck to prevent marking. Turn bottom half and then drill again for clove insert. Sand, seal and finish.

Make stalk from any suitable scrap – or a twig!

Pears can be turned between centres after turning the bottom half, drilling the hole, and mounting on a woodscrew chuck.


Mike Wickham

March 2013